5 Simple Ways to Create Short Videos to Wow Your Audience


As of 2021, brands spent more than $49.5 billion to market videos. The reason is simple: video marketing works. Luckily, you don’t need to create lengthy video clips to attract attention; short-form videos are growing in popularity and keep people interested in what you have to offer.


On top of running a successful practice, creating a constant stream of consumable content can seem like a full-time job. We get it, and we’re here to help reduce some of that stress and keep the creative juices flowing.


Check out these simple and easy-to-do ideas to make content resonate with your audience and drive interest in existing and new patients.

#1: Tell A Story

People value connection. Creating a story that helps connect the consumer to your product is something to be remembered. In fact, it’s psychologically proven that people remember details more clearly when they are presented in story form.


Consider promoting a paper that details how effective UltraClear is for addressing wrinkles. Instead of sharing statistics, telling patients a story can be more memorable. For example, “UltraClear can safely reduce lines and wrinkles, without the risks, discomfort and downtime of facial surgery or more aggressive medical devices.”

#2: Trend With TikTok

Scrolling over to the TikTok app is a great way to appeal to the lucrative Gen Y and Millennial population. The popular video stream offers a ‘For You’ template that categorizes videos by what your intended audience is interested in. From here, you can adopt a current trend and mesh your treatment and brand into the mix, creating an eye-catching TikTok video of an UltraClear treatment that’s sure to trend!

#3: Behind The Scenes Footage

This may not be Hollywood exactly, but viewers crave authenticity. By taking them behind the scenes, they will appreciate the insight into your practice and see the integrity behind the services you offer and how you take care of patients. You can share videos of treatments (with the patient’s written consent, of course), staff parties, and special events.

#4: Keep Your Audience Informed

People love learning things, and they are looking at you as the expert for tips on laser treatments, skincare, injectables, toxins, and more. You can create a video using unique angles, upbeat text, and quick tips that attracts attention. Some topics to consider are, “Best Lasers for Lines”, or “How-To” videos. You can also survey followers on social media and ask what they’re interested in learning more about.

#5: Keep it Short & Sweet!

Short-form videos are in demand on all social media platforms. The exact lengths allowed vary across platforms, but 60 seconds is typically the maximum. By keeping your video short and entertaining (15-30 seconds), you can deliver a memorable and thought-provoking message that grabs and keeps your audience’s attention.


To learn more about UltraClear™ the world’s first cold laser, and the full Acclaro portfolio of novel medical devices, contact hello@acclaromd.com.