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Lighting the Way in Laser Innovation: Shlomo Assa’s Visionary Journey

In a fascinating episode of The Digital Executive, Shlomo Assa, a name synonymous with innovation in the laser industry, offers a compelling narrative of his journey. Spanning over three decades, Shlomo’s work has dramatically altered the landscapes of healthcare and industrial sectors. Through a candid conversation with host Brian Thomas, Shlomo delves into the milestones and philosophies that define his illustrious career.

The Spark of Innovation

Shlomo’s journey commenced with an unwavering fascination with lasers. His educational pursuits in engineering and optics at prestigious institutions laid the groundwork for a career that would blend curiosity with groundbreaking technological advancements. Shlomo reminisces, “My road to UltraClear started…when I joined a startup in Israel called Laser Industries…What fascinated me…is just the revelation of laser lights.”

Entrepreneurial Endeavors and Intellectual Property

Shlomo’s narrative is rich with entrepreneurial ventures, marked by the successful sale of four companies that introduced revolutionary inventions to the laser industry. Discussing the importance of intellectual property, Shlomo advises, “IP always has been part of how you build a building…To me, IP is the foundation.”

He emphasizes the strategic approach to innovation, stating, “My curiosity was shaped…in a sense that I was trying to create…more focus on what people are looking to solve…Can I understand the problem? And can I fit the solution to the problem and not the opposite?”

Looking to the Future: Health Care’s New Horizon

Shlomo’s vision for the future of laser technology, especially in healthcare, is both ambitious and deeply personal. He sees a transformative potential for minimally invasive procedures to enhance patient care dramatically. Reflecting on personal experiences, Shlomo shares, “There’s a procedure called endometriosis…What I didn’t know at the time…is that the success ratio…is 10%…If we can move the 10% to 50%, this is revolution.”

Shaping a Legacy with Light

The podcast episode does more than chronicle Shlomo Assa’s contributions; it underscores his philosophy that curiosity, coupled with a clear understanding of the market’s needs, drives true innovation. “You always know in a journey where you start. You don’t know where you end…I know where we start. And I don’t know when the laser technology journey will end with impacting the healthcare system,” Shlomo muses.

Shlomo Assa’s narrative is not just the story of a man but a blueprint for future innovators. It demonstrates how visionary thinking, when paired with technological ingenuity, can lead to solutions that transcend the boundaries of what we deem possible. For a deeper dive into Shlomo Assa’s visionary journey and insights into the future of laser technology, listen to the full episode here.

The podcast is also available anywhere you listen to Podcasts, thanks to The Digital Executive:

To explore the cutting-edge innovations of Shlomo Assa further, delve into the details of UltraClear Laser’s pioneering solutions. Download the comprehensive brochure on the groundbreaking Laser-Coring™ solution to discover how it’s setting new standards in the laser industry.

UltraClear Shines at IMCAS World Congress 2024: A Must-Attend Event for Cutting-Edge Dermatology and Plastic Surgery

The upcoming IMCAS World Congress 2024, set to take place at the Palais des Congres de Paris, promises to be a landmark event in the world of dermatology and plastic surgery. As a leader in innovative laser technology, UltraClear is thrilled to announce our active participation at this prestigious congress. Join us at Booth D105, where we will showcase our groundbreaking laser technologies, including the revolutionary Laser-Coring™ modality.

Mark Your Calendar – Booth D105

UltraClear invites you to experience the future of skin rejuvenation at our booth. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see our products in action and to discuss their potential with our team of experts.


Schedule a Live Demo

Eager to see UltraClear’s capabilities up close? Schedule a live demo here. Discover why UltraClear is a game-changer in the field, with its versatile range of treatments from quick lunchtime sessions to advanced Laser-Coring™ procedures.


IMCAS Sessions Featuring UltraClear

We are proud to feature in several sessions at the IMCAS Congress. These sessions include:

    • “UltraClear’s Versatility: From Lunchtime Treatment to Laser-Coring™” by David Goldberg, MD on February 1st at 3:45 PM | Center Stage Level 3.
    • “Full Face Rejuvenation: Combination Treatments with Injectibles, Lasers, and Energy-based Devices” by Catherine DiGiorgio, MD, MS, FAAD on February 1st at 4:00 PM | Amphi Bordeaux Level 3.
    • “The Use of EBDs in the Treatment of Hypertrophic Scars and Keloids” by Michael Gold, MD on February 2nd at 8:30 AM | Room 143 Level 1.
    • “Adjuvant Exosomes Can Enhance the Results of Energy-based Treatments in Acne Scars: My Experience” by Shanthala Shivananjappa, MD on February 1st at 11:15 AM | Amphi Bleu Level 2


Meet the Experts at Our Booth: D105

Get a chance to interact with renowned specialists like David Goldberg, MD, Glynis Ablon, MD, and David Friedman, MD at our booth. They bring years of expertise and insights into the latest trends and technologies in dermatology and plastic surgery.


Reserve Your Spot Now

Spaces are limited for our live demos and expert sessions. Ensure your spot by registering here.



UltraClear is excited to be a part of IMCAS World Congress 2024, a platform where science meets beauty. Join us in Paris to witness the fusion of plastic surgery and dermatology, and explore how UltraClear is setting new standards in aesthetic treatments.

Cosmetic Medical Professional Section 179

Grow Your Practice with IRS Section 179

In today’s fast-paced world of medical aesthetics, professionals seek state-of-the-art equipment to provide unparalleled results to their clients. At UltraClear, we understand this need and have designed a product that truly stands out in terms of efficiency, results, and versatility. As 2024 approaches, it’s the perfect time for medical beauty providers to reconsider their equipment lineup and take advantage of the profitable tax break being offered by IRS Section 179.

What is IRS Section 179?

Section 179 is a tax rule that allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment or software in the year it’s bought, instead of spreading the cost over several years. It’s like an instant discount on the price of business equipment. To learn more, visit the IRS website.

Unprecedented Powerhouse: Dr. Bernstein’s Testimony

Dr. Bernstein, a renowned figure in the medical aesthetics industry, vouched for UltraClear saying, “UltraClear® is an unprecedented powerhouse for my practice, capable of treating a full spectrum of aesthetic needs – from true lunchtime rejuvenation to deep collagen remodeling, elastin synthesis and scar revision with superior results, exceptional safety, significant pain reduction, and quick healing on all skin types.

His words reflect the trust and confidence that many professionals have placed in our product. The efficiency and safety it offers, combined with its advanced technology, makes it an asset to any practice.

Profitable Tax Break: Don’t Miss Out

The IRS has rolled out a golden opportunity for medical beauty providers. You can write off up to $1,060,000 for new equipment, with the possibility to qualify for an 80% bonus depreciation. But, there’s a catch – this equipment has to be in use by December 31, 2023. UltraClear is not just an investment in your business; it’s an investment in your financial future. By choosing our equipment, you not only enhance the services you offer but also get a significant tax advantage.

The Clock is Ticking

December 31st is just around the corner. Every moment you wait is a moment lost in leveraging this dual advantage – supreme technology and a financial break. UltraClear is here to revolutionize your practice, to provide results that will leave your clients coming back for more. It’s more than just a piece of equipment; it’s a promise of excellence.

ACT NOW! Ensure you don’t miss out on this unique opportunity. Make the clear choice. Choose UltraClear.


The information presented on this page does not constitute legal or tax advice. For detailed guidance related to your specific situation, please consult with a tax advisor or legal professional. To learn more about Section 179, you are encouraged to visit the official IRS website at www.irs.gov.

Dr. Tina West

Practice Spotlight: Dr. Tina West and the Innovative UltraClear® Laser Technology

Nestled in the heart of Chevy Chase, MD, the renowned dermatologist Dr. Tina West’s West Institute for Skin, Laser, and Body Contouring stands as an epitome of cutting-edge skincare. This esteemed institute recently set the dermatology realm abuzz by becoming one of the first practices in the D.C. area to introduce the state-of-the-art UltraClear© Laser System.

A Remarkable Stride in Dermatology

The West Institute’s acquisition of the UltraClear® Laser System symbolizes not just a dedication to the latest technology but a pivotal evolution in dermatological treatments. UltraClear® has gained FDA approval and is widely recognized for its capabilities in addressing facial lines, wrinkles, and scars, especially those caused by acne.

Unlike traditional laser systems, UltraClear® is exceptionally gentle on the skin. It treats multiple layers without causing intense heat, thus reducing potential thermal damage. The laser’s precision allows it to reach beyond the superficial layer, vaporizing damaged cells and eliminating blemishes. Concurrently, it stimulates deeper layers of the skin, promoting the growth of new cells and enhancing the production of collagen and elastin, which are vital proteins that ensure our skin’s strength and resilience.¹

Dr. Tina West: A Beacon of Dermatological Excellence

Dr. Tina West’s stellar career and contributions to dermatology are noteworthy. Educated at Wake Forest University, her commitment to excellence and patient care is unparalleled. The introduction of UltraClear® further solidifies her position as a trailblazer in the field. In a recent article, Dr. West expressed her excitement for the UltraClear® system, stating,

“The UltraClear system’s adaptability opens doors to treating a diverse range of skin conditions with unparalleled precision. With UltraClear technology, we can now offer personalized treatments for all skin types, from Fitzpatrick one through six, ensuring safer and more effective outcomes than ever before. It’s a game-changer in our approach to skin rejuvenation and health.”

The UltraClear® Advantage

The UltraClear® Laser System is more than just advanced equipment—it’s the future of skincare treatments. It offers everything from quick rejuvenation procedures to advanced collagen remodeling. Notably, most treatments under this system don’t necessitate any topical numbing, ensuring maximum comfort for patients.

Experience UltraClear® at the West Institute

The West Institute has long been recognized as a top-tier center for skin, laser, and body contouring treatments in the Washington D.C. area. With the incorporation of the UltraClear® system, the Institute is set to redefine standards in aesthetic care.

Step into the future of skincare, discover the UltraClear® difference and speak to someone today. Submit a request to be contacted by one of our experts, UltraClear.

Elevating Aesthetic Medicine: Unpacking the Rebrand of UltraClear® Cold Ablative Fiber Laser 

Welcome to another update from the Acclaro Medical family! We recently announced some very exciting news—a full rebrand of our flagship product, UltraClear® Cold Fiber Laser. In case you missed the official press release, you can catch up here.

Why Rebrand? 

Why mess with a good thing, you might ask? As pioneers in the aesthetic medical laser sector, we’ve always thrived on innovation. For us, good is never good enough. With the rebrand, we’re creating a stronger, more impactful visual identity that mirrors the transformative power of our 3DIntelliPulse™ technology. 


Courtesy of Franklin Skin & Laser 

The Refresh in Focus 

The rebrand encompasses a revitalized visual identity—complete with a modernized logo and a fresh color scheme. But more importantly, it signifies our relentless commitment to patient care and technological innovation. 

The Science Behind the Beauty 

Chris Zajac, our Vice President of Marketing, sums it up perfectly:

“The inspiration for the rebrand came from the essence of UltraClear’s 3DIntelliPulse technology. It reflects a harmonious fusion of energies, which parallels our blended pulse technology that combines cold ablative pulses with dialed-in thermal energy. The result is minimal thermal damage while delivering outstanding clinical outcomes.”

A Strong Commitment to Customer Needs 

As Shlomo Assa, President and Co-Founder of Acclaro Medical, points out, “This isn’t just about a fresh coat of paint. It’s about actively listening to our customers and incorporating their needs and aspirations into our technology.” And for us, that’s what this rebrand is all about. 

What’s Next? 

We’re not stopping here! Our rebrand is just the tip of the iceberg. As we continue to grow, we’re focusing on driving greater value for our customers and their patients. So, stay tuned for more exciting updates and developments as we roll out our new branding. 

Ready to See UltraClear® in Action? 

Why just read about our breakthroughs when you can experience them firsthand? Get up close and personal with the future of aesthetic laser technology. Reach out now to schedule a live demo with an Acclaro Medical representative in your area! Witness the power, precision, and potential of our newly rebranded UltraClear® Cold Fiber Laser for yourself.

Click here to schedule a demo of UltraClear Laser today!

Frequently Asked Questions About 3DMIRACL™ Treatment and UltraClear® 


Interested in transformative aesthetic treatments? Look no further than 3DMIRACL™, an advanced solution from Acclaro Medical. Powered by our FDA-cleared UltraClear® laser system, 3DMIRACL™ offers a range of benefits for various skin conditions. In this FAQ, we’ll answer some of the most common questions we get about this state-of-the-art treatment. 

What is 3DMIRACL™? 

3DMIRACL™ is an innovative aesthetic treatment that aims to provide exceptional outcomes with minimal downtime. It harnesses the advanced technology of our UltraClear® laser system. 

Courtesy of Steven Bengelsdorf, MD

What does the FDA say about the UltraClear® laser system? 

The FDA has cleared the UltraClear® Laser System for use in Dermatology and Plastic Surgery, specifically for general skin resurfacing procedures. Additionally, the Ultra mode is indicated for the treatment of wrinkles, epidermal nevi, telangiectasia, spider veins, actinic chelitis, keloids, verrucae, skin tags, anal tags, keratoses, and scar revision (including acne scars). 

How does 3DMIRACL™ function? 

3DMIRACL™ leverages the unique capabilities of UltraClear®’s 3DIntelliPulse™ technology, offering a treatment that balances efficacy with patient comfort. 

What issues can 3DMIRACL™ address? 

3DMIRACL™ is designed to treat a range of FDA-cleared indications, including wrinkles, acne scars, and more. 

Is 3DMIRACL™ safe? 

Yes, 3DMIRACL™ prioritizes patient safety and adheres to strict clinical guidelines to ensure effective and safe treatments. 

Courtesy of Steven Bengelsdorf, MD

How many 3DMIRACL™ sessions will I need? 

The number of required treatments can vary based on individual needs and the specific skin concerns you are looking to address. Typically, 3-5 sessions provide noticeable results. 

Is there any downtime after 3DMIRACL™ treatment? 

The treatment is designed for minimal downtime, allowing most patients to resume their regular activities immediately, although some may experience slight redness or swelling. 

How can I see a 3DMIRACL™ demo? 

Absolutely! Contact us to arrange a live demo with a local sales representative, where you can experience the transformative benefits of UltraClear® and 3DMIRACL™ firsthand. 

Where can I get a 3DMIRACL™ treatment? 

To find a certified practitioner near you, visit our Find a Provider page on the UltraClear® website. 


We hope this FAQ blog has provided you with the information you need about 3DMIRACL™ and UltraClear®. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us or a certified practitioner in your area. 

Eager to experience the transformation 3DMIRACL™ can bring? Schedule a live demo with a local sales representative today! 

Top of Form 

Profile Pic of Madeline Krauss,MD, Owner of Krauss Dermatology

Practice Spotlight: Revolutionizing Skin Rejuvenation with Krauss Dermatology



Acclaro Medical proudly presents the UltraClear system, the world’s first cold ablative fiber laser. This cutting-edge energy-based treatment delivers unparalleled results for patients seeking rejuvenation.

Dr. Madeline Krauss of Krauss Dermatology (Wellesley Hills, MA) recently treated one of her office staff, Dorit, using the UltraClear’s 3DMiracl treatment setting. With just one 3DMiracl treatment, Dorit’s results were remarkable, experiencing minimal pain and achieving a healthier, glowing complexion with improved redness and overall skin tone.

UltraClear Laser Results: Before and After, Front View

Observe the transformative power of our novel 3DMiracl™ treatment. This real-life patient saw significant improvement in just one week, using our gentlest settings.

Dorit expressed her satisfaction with UltraClear, stating, “My skin is smooth and glowing. There is an improvement in the redness in my cheek area, and overall my skin tone is subtly more even. I definitely see more improvement with the UltraClear, and the procedure was very comfortable compared to other lasers I have had with better results.” The lunchtime treatment offered rapid recovery, requiring only five days for full healing, and Dorit even attended dinner on the first day post-treatment.

Dr. Krauss shared her observations and experiences with the UltraClear system, saying, “The lighter settings of the Clear mode cause tiny injuries to the skin at specific depth determined by the user depending on the goals and skin type of the patient as well as acceptable downtime for the patient. At the most superficial settings, uniform erythema results. A small grid pattern is seen. After a few days, a fine desquamation occurs. The skin is more luminous and pigmentation improves.”

UltraClear Laser Results: Before and After, Side ViewShe also praised the UltraClear system’s versatility and ease of use, noting that the settings are straightforward, specific, and repeatable. “Very light treatments can be performed quickly, with minimal prep as no numbing is needed, and can be delegated. Recuperation is rapid. More aggressive treatments can be performed with topical numbing with 23% lidocaine ointment, with oral valacyclovir and careful patient education on post-procedure care and recuperation time. Deeper acne scars and wrinkles as well as advanced dermatoheliosis can be addressed in this way. Only our board-certified dermatologists perform the more advanced procedure.”

Regarding the ability to treat all skin types, Dr. Krauss said, “The laser parameters can be adjusted to work with all skin types though darker skin types must be treated more carefully and gently to avoid the risk of unwanted pigmentation changes.” She also shared her observations of the healing process after treatment with the UltraClear system, saying, “Gentle treatments cause erythema and some swelling for 2 days. More aggressive treatments have 2 days of significant redness and rawness, 2 days of more mild erythema and swelling, and generally on the 5th day, there is a remarkable turnaround and tinted sunscreen can be worn and the skin looks smooth and glowing.”

UltraClear Laser Results: Before and After, Angle ViewAcclaro Medical is dedicated to offering the latest and most advanced technology to help providers deliver exceptional results to their patients. The UltraClear system exemplifies this commitment and introduces a new level of innovation in energy-based treatments. Its 3DMiracl treatment combines ablative and coagulative energy at multiple skin layers, allowing providers to create personalized solutions for each patient’s specific needs and skin type.

Dr. Madeline Krauss successfully demonstrated the UltraClear system’s capabilities with a full-face resurfacing treatment for Dorit. Both the patient and doctor were impressed by the comfort, ease of use, and outstanding results provided by the UltraClear system. The testimonials from Dorit and Dr. Krauss offer a glimpse into the amazing results achievable with UltraClear’s cold ablative fiber laser technology and 3DMiracl treatment.

For more information on the UltraClear system and its capabilities, visit us at Acclaro Medical.

6 Marketing Tactics to Try for Your Skin Rejuvenation Practice



As a provider of aesthetic treatments, you know that they are in great demand at an unprecedented rate and the industry is rapidly expanding.  

With UltraClear’s unique advantage as the ONLY FDA cleared cold laser, unique versatility, and high level of safety for all skin types, you will have numerous opportunities to draw new patients into your practice who are seeking this in-demand treatment opportunity. 

 Try implementing these 6 tried and true marketing tactics for aesthetic practitioners to get a jumpstart on your competition.  


#1: Create Eye-Catching Marketing Materials 

As laser treatments are increasing in popularity, some patients may still be on the fence regarding their benefits.  

 Our marketing team is ready to help you succeed! Take advantage of our downloadable brochure.  

 To create awareness and grab their attention, you can use tools like Canva to make posters, pamphlets, cards, website banners, gift certificates and other printed materials to display in your office or share via emails or text messaging.  Once you have the right marketing materials and messages ready, make them work for you inside your practice as well as externally to attract a steady stream of new patients.  


#2: Grow Your Email Database  

The dilemma with social media sites is that you cannot really ‘own’ your fans and followers. If your account gets taken down for some random reason or unknown error, you run the risk of losing them. And for anyone who has tried to get someone to respond from Facebook, Instagram or TikTok, you know how frustrating it can be! 

 The only way to protect your precious database is to convert them to your own database by asking for their cell phone numbers and/or emails.  

 Patients are intrigued by promotions, series pricing, and trial treatment offers. Try offering incentives for individuals who sign up for your monthly eblast or newsletter. Each month or whatever interval you choose, send education marketing material to keep them in touch and tell them about your practice via email. You can also promote special offers on your social media channels. 

#3: Stand Out From Competitors 

Most practices and medspas offer many similar treatments, so you need to make sure that you stand out from your local competitors.  

 An important and effective way to separate yourself from competitors is to highlight your special training and credentials. Don’t be shy! Add your staff’s training, licenses and credentials on your website and the walls of your office, where your patients can see them. Display your licenses and certificates on Google, Yelp, Facebook and other channels that matter to your patients.. 

 Another way to get noticed is to keep up those 5-star reviews on the top platforms that your patients are looking at. When it comes to reviews, more is more. In this way, if you get a 2 or 3 star review occasionally, the 4s and 5s will downplay the relevance by burying the ones you want to hide.  


#4: Earn Key Referral Sources 

The best form of advertisement is word of mouth because it rings true and can be trusted.  

 Think about local non-competitive businesses that you may share some clientele with. Try to make friends and get to know the owners or top staff. For example, upscale gyms and yoga centers, hair and nail salons, hotels and clubs, boutiques, other physicians or dentists, etc.  

 Consider inviting an in-demand hair stylist to come into your practice and offer to let them experience a popular treatment. Because the revolutionary UltraClear cold laser is a very comfortable treatment, and can be dialed up or down for each patient, it is a great choice to offer as a trial.  

 The most important aspect of developing long-term referral sources is to make sure the relationship is not one-sided. To make it work for both parties, there has to be something in it for both parties. This can be in the form of perks, complimentary treatments, cross referrals, etc.  


#5: Modernize Your Website 

Having a website is vital, but that’s only half the battle. To stay on top of your competition, you need to update your site on a regulator basis.   

Make sure that your site loads quickly, is user-friendly, easy to navigate and has an intuitive design. Include content and images that are mobile-friendly; use compressed images, concise sentences, and short paragraphs that are easy to read. A site free of pop-ups and formatted for mobile will help increase your conversion rates. 

The preferred layout, style, and navigation for websites are in a constant state of flux. You can’t just have someone build your site and then walk away. It needs constant maintenance to deliver new clients and keep your current clients coming back to learn more.  

#6: Implement Online Booking 

In this fast paced world, consumers are looking for the simplest and quickest way to book all of their appointments, including fillers and laser treatments. They don’t want to have to call your office, be left on hold, have to leave a message, and then play phone tag to book an high end treatment. Making scheduling complications is a sure way to lose valuable patients!   


According to a recent study, 68% of patients prefer choosing a practice who offers the ease of online booking, rescheduling and cancellation. By implementing online booking on your website, you can set yourself apart from competition and book more patients in real time.  



To learn more about UltraClear™ the world’s first cold laser, and the full Acclaro portfolio of novel medical devices, contact hello@acclaromd.com. 

The Roadmap to Mastering TikTok and Instagram Reels


Short-form video is the latest addition to the social-media marketing playbook, with TikTok and Instagram Reels leading the way. This snack-size content is highly effective for building brand awareness and educating viewers with less chance of losing their attention. 


“TikTok and Instagram Reels can be used to educate potential patients on practice mission, practitioner passions, best practices in medical aesthetics and common misconceptions,” says Max Krzyzaniak, Media Manager at Beauty Within Wellness & Anti-Aging Center in Boynton Beach, FL. “Social media is a visibility outlet for practices that allows practitioners to showcase their unique abilities and what differentiates them from others. Trust and rapport build before a patient even comes in for a consultation.” 


Instagram Reels was introduced by Meta after TikTok became a runaway sensation, and although these platforms may appear similar there are a few key differences. While TikTok tends to be more off-the-cuff, playful and loud, Reels feel more like “traditional” video content and allow you to enhance your videos with text and tags. TikTok is also trend-driven, and its primary demographic skews younger (as in Generation Z). This is an important consideration for any aesthetic provider since it may be harder to reach your target audience there.  


On the other hand, Reels serve as an extension of your (hopefully) already-established Instagram account and give you an additional way to announce new services, introduce your staff, give viewers a “behind-the-scenes” look at treatments you provide, showcase before-and-afters and more. 


“For creating videography content for Instagram Reels and TikTok, I recommend taking longer recordings rather than short videos to ensure you capture everything intended,” says Krzyzaniak. “You can always go back later to cut/edit the video. I also recommend including text graphics within your Reels/TikTok as your reach and impression count will likely increase, resulting in a higher overall visibility.” 


Yes, you can repurpose Reel content for TikTok, but think twice before reposting a TikTok to your Reels because the Instagram algorithm deprioritizes content with the TikTok watermark. There are upsides associated with taking a Reels-first approach to short-form video content. 


  • You appear in the Discover tab. Unlike Instagram Stories, viewers don’t have to be followers or visit your profile to see your Reels. This significantly increases your potential reach. 
  • You can tag products. This is especially useful for practices that sell products. Even if these products are available at stores or other aesthetic practices, a captivating video can prompt viewers to purchase on the spot with just a few taps. (Note: This requires set-up through Instagram Shopping.) 


Tips for creating Reels 

  • It’s takes practice to get comfortable in front of the camera and perfect your filming set-up, but don’t strive for perfection before you start posting. Your technique and presentation will improve with time. 
  • To build your audience, it’s imperative to stay active. When you spend more time creating content and viewers spend more time viewing it, this can improve the performance of your ads. (More on this below.)  
  • Use an iPhone or other high-quality camera phone—and make sure you record vertically. It’s worth purchasing an inexpensive stand to ensure a steady shot.  
  • Lighting can make or break your video. Use natural light when possible, or supplement with stand lights. 
  • Have an outline of what you’d like to share and focus on capturing viewers’ attention in the first three seconds.  
  • Limit your videos to 60 seconds. This should be more than enough time to get your points across. 
  • Direct viewers to your website and try to capture their email address with a pop-up upon their arrival. 
  • Look at what your competitors are doing for inspiration—then try to do better! 
  • Follow Instagram’s @creator account for trends and ideas. 


The 3 “E”s of Reel content 

When using Reels to bolster your business, there are three “E”s to keep in mind. 

  • Educational content can drive traffic to your practice. 
  • Entertaining content helps engage your audience and encourages shares. 
  • Emotional content resonates. Share recognition from patients and colleagues, milestones and success stories so you are associated with the solution. 


Take advantage of ads on Reels 

Like other social media platforms, Reels ads allow you to reach more people in less time. Instagram allows you to choose from these goals: 

  • Brand awareness: Increase your visibility and get more followers. 
  • Reach: Maximize the number of people who view your content. 
  • Traffic: Send people to your website or online store. 
  • Video views: Get the most eyeballs on your video. 


Tip: You can use CTA buttons on Instagram ads that link to a specific Reel. This is a great way to further enhance the reach of well-performing content. 


Don’t think of Instagram Reels as yet another box on your social-media checklist. Instead, take advantage of the potential it has for attracting followers, bringing IRL patients to your practice and enhancing your visibility—while allowing you to embrace your creativity! 


5 Simple Ways to Create Short Videos to Wow Your Audience


As of 2021, brands spent more than $49.5 billion to market videos. The reason is simple: video marketing works. Luckily, you don’t need to create lengthy video clips to attract attention; short-form videos are growing in popularity and keep people interested in what you have to offer.


On top of running a successful practice, creating a constant stream of consumable content can seem like a full-time job. We get it, and we’re here to help reduce some of that stress and keep the creative juices flowing.


Check out these simple and easy-to-do ideas to make content resonate with your audience and drive interest in existing and new patients.

#1: Tell A Story

People value connection. Creating a story that helps connect the consumer to your product is something to be remembered. In fact, it’s psychologically proven that people remember details more clearly when they are presented in story form.


Consider promoting a paper that details how effective UltraClear is for addressing wrinkles. Instead of sharing statistics, telling patients a story can be more memorable. For example, “UltraClear can safely reduce lines and wrinkles, without the risks, discomfort and downtime of facial surgery or more aggressive medical devices.”

#2: Trend With TikTok

Scrolling over to the TikTok app is a great way to appeal to the lucrative Gen Y and Millennial population. The popular video stream offers a ‘For You’ template that categorizes videos by what your intended audience is interested in. From here, you can adopt a current trend and mesh your treatment and brand into the mix, creating an eye-catching TikTok video of an UltraClear treatment that’s sure to trend!

#3: Behind The Scenes Footage

This may not be Hollywood exactly, but viewers crave authenticity. By taking them behind the scenes, they will appreciate the insight into your practice and see the integrity behind the services you offer and how you take care of patients. You can share videos of treatments (with the patient’s written consent, of course), staff parties, and special events.

#4: Keep Your Audience Informed

People love learning things, and they are looking at you as the expert for tips on laser treatments, skincare, injectables, toxins, and more. You can create a video using unique angles, upbeat text, and quick tips that attracts attention. Some topics to consider are, “Best Lasers for Lines”, or “How-To” videos. You can also survey followers on social media and ask what they’re interested in learning more about.

#5: Keep it Short & Sweet!

Short-form videos are in demand on all social media platforms. The exact lengths allowed vary across platforms, but 60 seconds is typically the maximum. By keeping your video short and entertaining (15-30 seconds), you can deliver a memorable and thought-provoking message that grabs and keeps your audience’s attention.


To learn more about UltraClear™ the world’s first cold laser, and the full Acclaro portfolio of novel medical devices, contact hello@acclaromd.com.