UltraClear Laser Devices for Your Practice

How to Launch a New Device into Your Practice

With so many new devices flooding the aesthetic market each year, it can be difficult to keep track of them all, much less choose the best new addition to your practice. Of course you want to consider your current patient population and focus on devices that will keep them coming through your door, but introducing a new technology can also be an opportunity to attract new patients, and in some cases expand your practice’s treatment scope. 

Once your new technology arrives it’s time to get to work. Training yourself and your staff is step one, and getting hands-on experience with the device comes next. (Don’t take your first spin around the block with a patient.)


Then, it’s time to get the word out.


Your new device is useless (at least in terms of your bottom line) if no one knows you have it. This is the ideal time to use the media to your advantage, since reporters are always looking for newness. The simple act of reaching out raises their awareness about your practice, and any resulting coverage increases your visibility and cements your status as a forward-thinking expert in your field.  

If you haven’t already enlisted the help of a public relations firm or freelancer, or hired an internal marketing lead, this “announcement” is the perfect way to start. You can send a press release to local media outlets, send a release out via a newswire service or invite media to observe a treatment.  

Local television loves showing a high-tech treatment in action, especially if results are visible on camera (which may not always be possible). In this case, bolster your story with compelling before-and-after photos that help convey the message—and the power of the new technology you’re offering. 

The goal is to use your latest offering as a foundation for media outreach to come, as a steady stream of “news” is essential for getting into and staying in the spotlight. You can also alert the media about speaking engagements, scientific articles that have been published or share case studies of patients who are willing to share their experience. 

Other effective means of raising awareness include email newsletters to patients, printed newsletters, postcard mailings, office signage, patient brochures, your website and social media. Your savviest patients will welcome information about new services, and your communications may encourage them to ask questions about ancillary procedures and treatments. They may also share the information they receive with their like-minded friends. 

Office-based patient seminars are another cost-effective way to raise awareness about your new treatment and your practice as a whole. If physical space is an issue, you can explore other venues such as spas, salons, retail stores and private clubs. This type of partnership can expand your reach to a whole new group of prospective patients. 

10 Steps to a Successful Seminar 

  1. Define your target audience 
  1. Select a theme 
  1. Choose your venue 
  1. Use a moderator to introduce speakers 
  1. Include light refreshments 
  1. Rely on visuals for an impactful presentation 
  1. Promote your seminar 
  1. Give attendees a goody bag or special offer 
  1. Leave time for questions 
  1. Limit your seminar to one hour 

Although you can’t lease a brilliant new technology and expect it to pay for itself overnight, an aggressive approach to marketing your latest offering and your practice as a whole can provide a swift ROI. Once you have a plan in place, you can use it for future new treatment announcements as you build your menu of services, and enhance the overall visibility of your practice. 

To learn more about UltraClear™ the world’s first cold laser, and the full Acclaro portfolio of novel medical devices, contact hello@acclaromd.com.