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Practice Spotlight: Revolutionizing Skin Rejuvenation with Krauss Dermatology



Acclaro Medical proudly presents the UltraClear system, the world’s first cold ablative fiber laser. This cutting-edge energy-based treatment delivers unparalleled results for patients seeking rejuvenation.

Dr. Madeline Krauss of Krauss Dermatology (Wellesley Hills, MA) recently treated one of her office staff, Dorit, using the UltraClear’s 3DMiracl treatment setting. With just one 3DMiracl treatment, Dorit’s results were remarkable, experiencing minimal pain and achieving a healthier, glowing complexion with improved redness and overall skin tone.

UltraClear Laser Results: Before and After, Front View

Observe the transformative power of our novel 3DMiracl™ treatment. This real-life patient saw significant improvement in just one week, using our gentlest settings.

Dorit expressed her satisfaction with UltraClear, stating, “My skin is smooth and glowing. There is an improvement in the redness in my cheek area, and overall my skin tone is subtly more even. I definitely see more improvement with the UltraClear, and the procedure was very comfortable compared to other lasers I have had with better results.” The lunchtime treatment offered rapid recovery, requiring only five days for full healing, and Dorit even attended dinner on the first day post-treatment.

Dr. Krauss shared her observations and experiences with the UltraClear system, saying, “The lighter settings of the Clear mode cause tiny injuries to the skin at specific depth determined by the user depending on the goals and skin type of the patient as well as acceptable downtime for the patient. At the most superficial settings, uniform erythema results. A small grid pattern is seen. After a few days, a fine desquamation occurs. The skin is more luminous and pigmentation improves.”

UltraClear Laser Results: Before and After, Side ViewShe also praised the UltraClear system’s versatility and ease of use, noting that the settings are straightforward, specific, and repeatable. “Very light treatments can be performed quickly, with minimal prep as no numbing is needed, and can be delegated. Recuperation is rapid. More aggressive treatments can be performed with topical numbing with 23% lidocaine ointment, with oral valacyclovir and careful patient education on post-procedure care and recuperation time. Deeper acne scars and wrinkles as well as advanced dermatoheliosis can be addressed in this way. Only our board-certified dermatologists perform the more advanced procedure.”

Regarding the ability to treat all skin types, Dr. Krauss said, “The laser parameters can be adjusted to work with all skin types though darker skin types must be treated more carefully and gently to avoid the risk of unwanted pigmentation changes.” She also shared her observations of the healing process after treatment with the UltraClear system, saying, “Gentle treatments cause erythema and some swelling for 2 days. More aggressive treatments have 2 days of significant redness and rawness, 2 days of more mild erythema and swelling, and generally on the 5th day, there is a remarkable turnaround and tinted sunscreen can be worn and the skin looks smooth and glowing.”

UltraClear Laser Results: Before and After, Angle ViewAcclaro Medical is dedicated to offering the latest and most advanced technology to help providers deliver exceptional results to their patients. The UltraClear system exemplifies this commitment and introduces a new level of innovation in energy-based treatments. Its 3DMiracl treatment combines ablative and coagulative energy at multiple skin layers, allowing providers to create personalized solutions for each patient’s specific needs and skin type.

Dr. Madeline Krauss successfully demonstrated the UltraClear system’s capabilities with a full-face resurfacing treatment for Dorit. Both the patient and doctor were impressed by the comfort, ease of use, and outstanding results provided by the UltraClear system. The testimonials from Dorit and Dr. Krauss offer a glimpse into the amazing results achievable with UltraClear’s cold ablative fiber laser technology and 3DMiracl treatment.

For more information on the UltraClear system and its capabilities, visit us at Acclaro Medical.